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The Corporate Newsroom Christoph Moss Book

Christoph Moss (Ed.) (2021):
The Corporate Newsroom
Steering Companies Efficiently Through Communication,
Springer International Publishing, Heidelberg, 158 pages

Breaking down barriers, creating transparency in digital communication and effectively targeting different audiences is critical to today’s successful organisations. Establishing a Corporate Newsroom is the answer.

The first part discusses the different theoretical approaches of communication and the corporate newsroom model. Special emphasis is given to efficiency and effectiveness as the main pillars of this strategy.

The second part presents case studies to illustrate how the corporate newsroom system can be used in the communication departments of organisations. The authors discuss real life examples from Swiss Life Germany and the Dutch Police among others and show how the corporate newsroom method impacted communication strategies and results in these organisations. 

This book will be of interest not only for PR professionals but also for marketing specialists and business leaders trying to bring corporate communication to the next level.

Christoph Moss is a professor for Communication and Marketing at the International School of Management in Dortmund. He was deskchef in the newsroom of the German business newspaper Handelsblatt. With his consulting company Mediamoss he has implemented more than 100 Corporate Newsroom projects – for example at Siemens, Fraport and Swiss Life Germany.